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Donald Trump sits beneath a steel emblem in the shape of the state of Ohio as he holds a business roundtable at the Staub Manufacturing plant in Dayton, Ohio. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Steel Trade: How Trump Can Prove He's the Negotiator in Chief

On the eve of his first G-20 summit meeting, President Trump faces one of the most important decisions of his young administration: whether or not to impose tough restrictions on imported steel.  Read More

Jun 29, 2017

Should We Be Worried About Productivity Trends?

This article was co-authored with Sandile Hlatshwayo. She recently received her PhD in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley and will join the International Monetary Fund in the fall. MILAN – Economists concern themselves not only with addressing difficult questions thoughtfully, but also with formulating the questions themselves. Sometimes, rethinking those questions can hold the key to finding the answers we need.

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Jun 12, 2017

Trump’s Brewing Trade War With . . . Canada

During the election campaign, Donald Trump protested mightily against the large trade deficits the United States was running with China, with Mexico, and even with Germany. Not once did he mention trade with Canada as a problem. And yet Canada—which is still the second largest trading partner of the United States, just behind China—is shaping up as the biggest test for the new administration’s trade policy.

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May 31, 2017

United States
A Bipartisan Twenty-First Century New Deal

The challenge of how to help those left behind by rapid economic change—whether caused by technology or global competition—has moved to the center of the U.S. national debate in a way it has not been since the 1930s. Trade competition, especially from China, was a significant factor in the disappearance of nearly six million U.S. manufacturing jobs in the 2000s, and President Trump’s criticisms of U.S. trade policy helped him to victory in November in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

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